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When you want fast, reliable transportation to and from Westwood, look no further than LA Yellow Cab! 

LA Yellow Cab drivers are professional, independent cab owners.  They work hard to ensure that your cab ride is safe, secure and most of all convenient.  As the largest cab company in Los Angeles, we can provide you with a cab ride quickly no matter where you are or what your destination.

Westwood - Home of UCLA

Westwood is home of the University of California, Los Angeles, and most of the activity in this area is centered around the college.  While there are high-end residential and commercial properties in this area, many of the people traveling around the Westwood region are going to and from places associated with UCLA. 

This area has long been known for traffic and parking difficulties.  The rapid expansion of UCLA has left little extra parking area around the campus and traffic is often a nightmare.  Therefore, many visitors to UCLA prefer the ease and convenience of the professional taxi cab service provided by LA Yellow Cab.

There are also several points of interest in Westwood, and LA Yellow Cab serves them all, including:

  • Westwood Village.  This lovely 1920's-era shopping district is home to dozens of shops, restaurants and other attractions that draw thousands of visitors every year.  Close to UCLA, the eclectic nature of the campus is mirrored in the influence of nearly every culture imaginable in Westwood Village vendors and shop owners.
  • The Geffen Playhouse.  The Geffen Playhouse was one of the first theaters built in the Los Angeles area and still retains the charm of yesteryear in its structure.  However, the playbills feature some of today's greatest actors and plays.  Taking in a play at the Geffen Playhouse is on the top of many theater-lover's lists!
  • LDS or Mormon Temple.  The Latter-Day Saints Temple in Westwood is the second-largest in the country and features beautiful, manicured grounds that are open to the public.
  • Airport Service: The metro Los Angeles area is served by several airports, but the two most convenient to Westwood are LAX, located in Los Angeles to the south of Santa Monica, and Burbank Airport or Bob Hope Airport, located near the Hollywood Hills.  LA Yellow Cab can provide you with fast, reliable taxi cab service to both airports as well as to any other locations in the metro Los Angeles area.

When In Los Angeles . . .

LA Yellow Cab highly recommends a stop at the following bars, restaurants and pubs in the area while you are visiting Los Angeles: 

Choose LA Yellow Cab For Fast, Professional Service!

When you choose LA Yellow Cab for your taxi service, you are making the right choice!  Our cab drivers are professional, courteous and know their way around Los Angeles.  Furthermore, we provide paratransit services, offer pickup and drop-off to all major airports and other locations throughout the metro area, and can be reached by phone, online or even through text messaging!

When you need to move around the Los Angeles area, whether to Westwood or any other location, and you do not want to struggle with traffic and parking, LA Yellow Cab is here to help!